Dental Bridges Fill in Gaps in Your Smile

Missing teeth can have a negative impact on both your bite and your self-confidence. Patients missing a single tooth or multiple adjacent teeth can restore the function and appearance of their smile with dental bridges at Ward Road Dental in Arvada, CO. These custom-made restorations are crafted from a single block of ceramic porcelain or zirconia and are comprised of two dental crowns with artificial teeth in the middle. Once placed, the result is a beautiful, functional, natural-looking smile. Dr. Christopher Gillette has over ten years of experience in dentistry and restoring patients’ smiles with dental bridges.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

A dental bridge can not only enhance the aesthetics of your smile, but also improve your bite and oral health. When teeth are missing, your bite becomes imbalanced. This can lead to a myriad of more serious dental problems, such as shifting, teeth grinding, TMJ disorder, and more. When you restore your bite, all elements begin to work together harmoniously again.

To make room for your bridge, Dr. Gillette must remove a conservative amount of enamel from the the teeth that neighbor the gap in your smile. 

Traditional vs. Implant-Supported Bridges

Our team offers two types of dental bridges: conventional and implant-supported. A conventional bridge is anchored with crowns to the natural teeth on either side of the gap in your smile. In order for the restoration to fit comfortably, the doctor must remove some enamel from these teeth.

An implant-supported bridge is virtually the same as its traditional counterpart in design. However, it is attached to dental implants rather than the natural teeth. Because this leaves your teeth intact, implant-supported bridges are a more conservative option. Additionally, dental implants can prevent the bone degradation that often accompanies tooth loss by stimulating the nerves within the jaw. Dr. Gillette can both place and restore your implants at our office so that you can receive all treatment in one location.

While both are viable options for filling in gaps in your smile, each offers unique benefits. Where implant-supported bridges are more durable and can last for decades, the traditional option is often much more affordable. During your consultation with Dr. Gillette, you can together determine which is more appropriate for your needs and budget.


Any individual who is missing between one to three teeth in a row is eligible for a dental bridge. For a traditional bridge, the adjacent teeth must be structurally sound with little to no decay. Patients must also be free from periodontal disease. Any gum treatment must be undergone prior to bridge placement. Those considering an implant-supported bridge must have adequate jawbone tissue to anchor dental implants.

Where implant-supported bridges are more durable and can last for decades, the traditional option is often much more affordable.

Receiving a Dental Bridge

We can typically place a traditional bridge in two office visits. During the first, we will prepare your smile by re-contouring the teeth on either side of the gap. Next, we will take impressions of your teeth, which we will send to our partner dental lab to fabricate the bridge. Since the fabrication process usually takes between one to two weeks, we will place a temporary bridge to protect your teeth during the interim. Once the final restoration is complete, we can schedule a second visit to attach it. Finally, we will assess your bridge to ensure that the restoration fits comfortably. 

The timeline for an implant-supported bridge is typically longer. Patients will need several months to heal from the placement surgery before we can connect the final restoration.

Close Gaps in Your Smile

If you are missing several consecutive teeth, a dental bridge may be an excellent treatment option for you. To determine your eligibility, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gillette. You can contact us online or call our office at (303) 420-4001.

Dr. Christopher J. Gillette

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