Tooth loss can jeopardize your oral health, result in discomfort, and may even cause you to feel embarrassed about your smile. 

 For unparalleled tooth replacement, board-certified dentist Christopher Gillette can place and restore traditional and All-on-4® implants for patients in Denver and Arvada, CO. 

Why are dental implants highly recommended?

Top 3 Reasons

to Choose Implants

Incredible Stability

While a traditional denture can restore some function, it remains prone to shifting because it is not attached directly to the jaw. An implant-supported denture will remain firmly in place as you chew, speak, and smile.

Better Bone Health

Another important benefit of implants is jawbone retention. When tooth roots are lost, the jaw will begin to shrink and change in size. Implants are the only treatment that can prevent this side-effect of tooth loss.

Permanent Results

Although implant-supported restorations require periodic replacement due to wear and tear, the posts can last for decades or even a lifetime. Simply practice proper at-home care and schedule regular professional exams.

What Exactly Are

Dental Implants?

In the simplest terms, dental implants replace lost tooth roots. The posts are most often made of medical-grade titanium. This safe, biocompatible material fuses directly with the surrounding bone. Implants are placed into the jaw and then topped with abutments (connector pieces) and dental crowns, bridges, or dentures.

I'm not sure my condition qualifies for the treatment...

Implants Can Replace One Tooth or Restore an Entire Smile

by Supporting Any Kind of Restoration

I know the treatment can take months. Do I have to go without teeth this whole time?

Expedited Treatments Are Available

If you need to replace a single tooth with an implant-supported crown, Dr. Gillette in Arvada may be able to place the crown immediately following implant placement

Meanwhile, some patients who require a full-arch denture may be candidates for All-on-4® implants. This solution uses just four special implants that can support a denture immediately following placement. Dr. Gillette works closely with experienced oral surgeons and quality dental labs to produce these permanent appliances. This option requires less bone tissue, and can often eliminate the need for a bone graft for patients who have experienced a small degree of jaw atrophy.


Implants replace tooth roots, giving your crown, bridge, or denture the ultimate stability.

Placing Implants

Following an examination in which Dr. Gillette will thoroughly assess the health of your gums, the condition of your jaw, and your general overall health, he will plan the steps of your treatment. Implants require a specific amount of bone tissue for support. If you have experienced advanced bone atrophy, you may need to first undergo a bone grafting procedure to replace lost tissue. If atrophy or your natural anatomy will make it impossible to place implants in the upper jaw without disrupting the sinuses, a sinus lift may be recommended. Dr. Gillette can perform both procedures to restore your candidacy for implant surgery.

Dr. Gillette's practice is a one-stop-shop that allows you to experience the vast benefits of dental implants by undergoing every phase of treatment under one roof.

For plans using traditional implants to support bridges or dentures, the treatment will usually involve five primary steps:

  • Surgery: Using precise techniques, the implants are surgically placed directly into your jaw. 
  • First Healing Period: Over the next four to six months, the bone tissue will permanently fuse to the implants.
  • Abutment Placement: Once fusion is complete, Dr. Gillette will attach an abutment piece to the top of your implant. This device will connect directly to your restoration.
  • Second Healing Period: Following abutment placement, the gum tissue must heal. This usually takes about two weeks.
  • Attachment of the Restoration: Once the gums have healed, Dr. Gillette can take impressions of the abutment and any surrounding teeth. These impressions will guide technicians in creating your restoration. The final stage of treatment is the attachment of the restoration to the implant.

Christopher J. Gillette, DMD

Dr. Gillette

Dr. Gillette is a board-certified dentist dedicated to upholding the highest level of care. As such, he is affiliated with:

  • American Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Dental Association
  • Colorado Dental Association
  • Metro Denver Dental Society
  • American Dental Society of Anesthesiology

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