In Arvada, Dr. Eaton Eases Anxiety with Sedation

Do you avoid dental visits because of fear or anxiety? You’re not alone. Research reports that up to 20% of Americans experience dental anxiety. In Arvada, Dr. David Eaton calms the nerves of fearful patients with safe, calming sedation. He has over 25 years of experience in sedation dentistry and has used safe, effective sedation techniques on over 1000 patients with no adverse effects.

Sedation dentistry is proven to alleviate feelings of dread and replace them with calm and peacefulness. Using safe, reliable medication, you can shed the fears that prevent you from receiving the dental care you need for a healthy smile.

At your sedation dentistry consultation, Dr. Eaton will discuss the dental procedures you need, review your medical history, and help you determine the sedation method that’s right for you. Sedation dentistry lets Dr. Eaton perform multiple procedures in a single session to save you time, in many cases the entire mouth can be completed in a single visit.

Sedation Dentistry Options

  • Nitrous Oxide: You probably know it as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is used extensively to help dental patients feel calm and comfortable. It also helps alleviate potential discomfort. Inhaled through a nasal mask, nitrous oxide works quickly. The effects of the gas diminish rapidly following treatment to let you resume normal activities, and let you drive to and from the practice yourself.
  • Oral Sedation: Sedative medication in pill form taken prior to your appointment will put you in a completely peaceful state of mind. We’ll monitor you throughout your appointment to ensure your comfort and safety. You’ll be able to converse with Dr. Eaton and our team, but you won’t remember treatment details following your appointment. Oral sedation wears off gradually. You’ll likely return to your regular activities the day following your oral sedation dentistry appointment.

Your smile plays an important role in your appearance, self-esteem, and whole-body health. Avoiding dental care jeopardizes oral and overall wellbeing. With sedation dentistry from Dr. Eaton, you can have the smile you deserve.

Comfortable Care, Affordable Prices, Reliable Results. Trust Dr. Eaton with your family’s dental needs. Call today to schedule an appointment. Our Arvada dental office provides quality care to families in Golden, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Westminster, and surrounding areas.